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The following article was written by Julian Howard and Larry Hatheway for Citywire on 18th Aug, 2016 For decades, the starting point of any conversation about asset allocation used to be the 60:40 portfolio – a basket of securities comprising 60% equities and 40% bonds. This made sense when the characteristics of both equities and…(Read More)

Are we worried about BREXIT? No we are not and neither should our clients be. Let us remind ourselves of what remains the same following the “leave vote”; European Economic growth has been sluggish and world economic growth has been slowing, whilst the US and the UK have been relatively robust. In light of these…(Read More)

The article below was written by Taha Lokhandwala and Published on on 31st May 2016 Underlying global dividends rose 3.1 per cent in the first three months of 2016, as global stocks overcame weakness in the UK, Australia and emerging markets. The rise in global payouts came against a 0.7 per…(Read More)

In recent weeks two globally important merger/takeovers have been announced and escaped the attention they deserve amongst the noise of the Brexit debate. The first should certainly be good for the UK Financial Services Industry, whilst the second could have other far reaching consequences… 1) London Stock Exchange to merge with Deutsche Boerse? The…(Read More)

Until very recently inflation has been a primary concern for investors, both to the real buying power of their income and the real value of their investments. Unfortunately, official government statistics on inflation, until recently, bore little resemblance to the real level of inflation being experienced by individual investors as their patterns of expenditure meant…(Read More)