An Introduction to Investment Planning

You only have one portfolio – everything you own. Therefore your “overall” portfolio should always include readily realisable assets. Although income is a prime consideration, the portfolio should also be invested for capital growth in order to provide a hedge against inflation. Investments should also provide a rising income, in order to maintain a good and sustainable standard of living.

Any portfolio must necessarily contain a wide diversity of investments. An ideal investment would provide guaranteed growth, security, minimal taxation, flexibility and should be highly profitable. Since this ideal investment portfolio obviously does not exist, the constituent parts of a good investment portfolio should individually contain a number of these elements. In this way, the advantages of some constituent parts of the portfolio can offset any disadvantages of the others.

The portfolio should contain as much flexibility as possible. Personal circumstances will change over time, so the portfolio is structured from outset so that it too can change. In this way, the portfolio can match requirements both at outset and in future years as well as taking advantage of any investment opportunities arising during this time.

Our aim is to provide impartial advice for individuals and strategies for capital preservation in families, including on all aspects of personal finance, investment and taxation. The investment spectrum that is covered is very wide and extends from National Savings, through Gilt Edged Securities, Corporate Bonds, Unit Trusts, Stocks and Shares, VCTs and EIS to Insurance Company products (wrappers) and ISAs.

The selections of investments we recommend to you, are made following careful consideration of your personal circumstances. Because of our independence we can truly advise and select the most suitable products in your best interests.