Our Investment Philosophy

We listen to you very carefully. It is vitally important that we completely understand your personal circumstances and aims. Just as one never climbs into a car, turns the key and drives away without having a destination in mind. Our clients reveal their chosen destination and we provide the “driving skills” to get them there.

We believe that there are two fundamental issues in setting an appropriate long term strategy for your portfolio:

First, to select the right spread of investments for you without taking what we consider to be any more risk than necessary to help you achieve your goals.

Secondly, to achieve an outcome with a suitable rate of return for that level of risk.

As a result you will feel truly ‘listened to’ and we in turn will not suggest anything to you that you will find unacceptable.

Independent professional advice is now more important than ever given the variety and complexity of investments available. Understanding the tax implications and financial risk involved can be a natural by-product of the whole process, leaving you reassured that a more personal approach is being taken in providing your advice. And this can lead to further peace of mind. Our advice is also multi-generational when required.

Not only do we keep up to date on your financial affairs and circumstances – we also monitor the fund managers with whom you are invested in case we need to recommend any change. This is an ongoing process to ensure that your investments do not suddenly become riskier. If they do, this could lead us to recommend changes to maintain your agreed risk profile.

If we feel a change of direction is desirable, we will tell you. It is, however, considered important to select investments which should, in normal circumstances, be capable of remaining undisturbed over the medium term (between five to ten years) depending on your personal circumstances.