Tailored to you

Our aims are to help you in accumulating the capital you need to produce your retirement income and also help create efficient plans for passing on your wealth to future generations.

Only by going in to some detail about your financial goals, are we able to recommend a strategic wealth management plan. This should also provide the certainty that you are being treated as a unique individual and family, rather than as part of a “box ticking risk profiling” process. We certainly aim to introduce you only to investments and asset classes that are suitable for you, bearing in mind your own individual circumstances, rather than fit you into model portfolios.

It is possible to increase the expected return of a portfolio without increasing an investor’s exposure to risk and this is ultimately what all investors would like to achieve, particularly when a significantly lengthy downturn in equity markets occurs, such as that following the credit crunch in August 2008. This is still fresh in many people’s memories, and even now, continues to unravel.

Reduction of an investor’s exposure to investment risk has always been an integral part of our work and is an increasingly important aspect of portfolio planning because so many people were badly affected both by falling equity markets between January 2000 and March 2003 and also the knock on effects on With Profits Funds which crippled that market and adversely affected millions of people who held Endowment Policies.

This drive to reduce investment risk has led to a torrent of apparently “attractive” structured products being introduced by investment houses, and we also monitor these because clients often ask us whether they are suitable for them. These products often provide a share in the upside of the relevant equity market, while the use of derivatives enables the product to guarantee some or all of the original capital invested. Obviously, the security offered by such products incurs a significant cost in the form of potential growth and cost of derivatives.

Many people are likely to look at their portfolio and / or other savings and capital in a different way to pay care home fees either for themselves or for a loved one. This can and often does cause not only distress, but it can also mean sudden and major disruption to financial plans. Complexity of taxation, benefits regulations; some payable by the Government and others payable by Local Authorities (some of which also vary from area to area, depending on different Local Authority regulations) are a minefield and require a very special approach. We are happy to arrange for advice to be given by a fully qualified specialist in order to minimise that disruption.