We look at the detail

There has also been an increase in the number of “near cash” products available to investors in recent years. These products are often riskier than they first appear and it is important to consider them in line with your overall objectives and risk tolerance that has been agreed and set from outset.

We are often asked about these types of products  after press articles and advertisements lead clients to believe that they are safe, when in fact they may not be. The devil is always in the detail and when these types of products are marketed, we always look at the small print and underlying investment principles before recommending them.

We also mention these examples only because they, amongst other types of product,  advertise rates of return that on first examination may seem to be more attractive than what may have been recommended for your portfolio.

With the general increase in the variety and complexity of investments, it is now more important than ever to ensure that one seeks independent professional advice prior to making investments, and particularly in understanding the tax implications and financial risk involved.

We monitor your affairs on a regular basis and also monitor the fund managers for companies with whom you are invested. We also monitor changes in the risk profile of funds and, based on that monitoring, may make recommendations for changes to keep within your chosen risk profile.